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Policies &

SeaWind RV Resort is truly a South Texas Paradise!  What makes us a great place to enjoy year after year, is that everyone goes above and beyond in volunteering, helping, and being friendly.  If we all work together and abide by the policies and guidelines in place, it will make our stay here more pleasant for everyone. 

ALL these policies and guidelines apply to all, everyone, you and your guests.  Yes, I expect everyone choosing to stay at our wonder resort to obey our policies, even (and especially) our employees and my own household.

If you want to discuss any part of these policies and guidelines, feel free to contact our office during office hours.  We will gladly explain any misunderstanding.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Letty Couch,


Seawind RV Resort

NO LIABILITY:  To the extent permitted by law, user hereby indemnifies, releases, and agrees to protect and hold harmless campground, its officers, owners, employees, and agents, from and against all claims, causes of action, and/or liability arising out of or related to user's use of the RV site, campground's property, and/or any condition thereon, without limit and without regard to the cause or causes thereof or the gross negligence of campground parties.

Below is the list of Policies and Guidelines in place to make our stay most enjoyable.  For further clarification, please scroll further down.

  • No Refunds for evictions or early checkouts

  • Speed Limit is 10 mph inside Seawind RV Resort

  • No Parking or driving on Grass/Dirt/Patio Pads

  • Make sure all your personal belongings are off the grass/dirt

  • No Smoking inside any Seawind building or entrance

  • Quiet Time is between 10 pm - 7 am

  • Leave RV site the same or better than you found it

  • Clean up after yourselves

  • Keep fires and hot coals off the ground!

  • Sewer Hose fittings

  • No Car/RV Washing

  • Fish Cleaning at the bay

  • Well behaved children are welcome!

  • Well behaved pets are welcome!

  • No Illegal Drugs or Activities are permitted

  • No Refunds for evictions or early checkouts

​          Deposits are fully refundable if we receive notification of the cancellation at least two weeks in advance.  Yet, no refunds for evictions or early checkouts.  Please read all of our policies and guidelines to ensure you understand them and can follow them.  


  • Speed Limit is 10 mph inside Seawind RV Resort

          As you drive towards our resort, you will see 2 speed limit signs letting you know that the speed limit is now 10 mph.  As you enter our resort, you will see another sign reminding you the speed limit is 10 mph.  This speed is for all vehicles.  This includes, but not limited to: cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, mules, scooters, etc.  For everyone's safety, please drive slowly and carefully.  (Please don't make us put speed-bumps.)


  • No Parking or driving on Grass/ Dirt.

          As you drive throughout our resort, you will notice that every drive has a name.  Under the names, there's a sign (at each corner) asking you to NOT PARK ON THE GRASS.  I understand that in some sites, the grass is taking over the drive, but as long as you are on the driveway, you are fine.  There's a reason for this request.  We occasionally, get torrential rains without warning.  If you are parked on the grass, you will sink.  And please, DO NOT BLOCK the road.  If your vehicles do not fit on your driveway, please park them on the overflow parking spaces.  Parking on empty sites without management permission is charged $5/night.  Using electricity on an empty site without management permission is $10/night.  


  • Make sure all your personal belongings are off the grass/dirt

         Please be respectful towards our maintenance crew and groundskeepers and keep your personal belongings off the grass and road (cables, hoses, wires, toys, etc.). Keep your personal items under your trailer. Our mowers will go around your things (if they see it) and you will be responsible to mow those areas.  We are not responsible for damages to your personal property caused by mowers if it was on the grass.  You are responsible for any damage to our mower caused by your personal items on the grass. You can borrow a push-mower or weed-whacker if needed. Red flags are available to notify mowers that you are caring for your own yard.


  • No Smoking Inside Any Seawind Building or Entrance

          Please be respectful of others.  Do not smoke inside any of our buildings or hang around the entrances to smoke.  The ash trays and ash chimneys are available for you to put out and discard.  This includes, but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapes, etc. 


  • Quiet Time is Between 10 pm - 7 am

          Please be respectful of others.  We are all here to have fun, but some of us cannot turn off our hearing overnight.  Please keep outside noises to a minimum after 10 pm and before 7 am.  This includes but is not limited to music, talking/yelling/laughing, barking, vehicles, etc.  Loud, obnoxious, disorderly, violent, or unlawful conduct that disturbs or threatens the rights, comfort of others at Seawind will not be tolerated.


  • Leave RV site the same or better than you found it.

          Please be respectful of our staff and keep your site nice and neat.  Dispose of garbage in the dumpsters located throughout our resort. DO NOT leave any garbage outside overnight. The critters will find it and share it with your neighbors.  Please dispose of it properly.  Picnic tables should be on the patio pad.  MAKE NO CHANGES to the site without prior written permission from office/maintenance personnel.  This includes, but not limited to, the planting or trimming of trees/plants, or building sheds, decks, steps, walkways, etc.  Please do not hang clotheslines or permanent swings/hammocks from trees/plants.


  • Clean up after yourselves      

          Please be respectful of our staff and clean up after yourself when using our facilities.  We clean and sanitize regularly but cannot do so after every use.  Please help us maintain our rec hall, laundry room, restrooms, kitchen, game room, and all buildings clean by doing your part.  If there are any problems, please report them to our office promptly.


  • Keep fires and hot coals off the ground and tables!

         This is very important!  All fires must be raised and contained.  There is usually dead grass/debris under the green luscious grass.  If you have a tabletop grill, please place a board underneath to protect our picnic tables.Please do not put your lives/property and ours at risk by careless negligence.  Grills and fire pits are permitted but make sure the hot ashes don't fall onto our property.  Ask our staff about disposal of your COLD ashes/coals. 


  • Sewer Hose Fittings

          A tight fitting donut or sewer hose fitting is required at all times.  Please make sure your tank is closed before disconnecting your sewer hoses. Please close the sewer opening when you leave.  And PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!  Do not throw sewer hoses, or anything down the sewer pipes! 


  • No Car/RV Washing    

          Unless you are paying a full monthly rate, do not wash your cars and RVs without office approval.  There is a charge of $3/vehicle washed and $10/RV washed for those needing to wash during a short stay.


  • Fish Cleaning

            We have fish cleaning stations at the local piers and boat ramp for your convenience.  All waste material from fish should be thrown back in the bay.  Please don’t put fish waste in our dumpsters.  They really stink things up and attract unwanted guests into our resort.


  • Well behaved children are welcome!

            Children (minors under 18 years of age) are to be accompanied by a responsible adult in all buildings at all times.  This is for their security and ours.  No unaccompanied children inside ANY buildings.  The meeting/game room is completely off-limits to any person under the age of 21 (even if accompanied by an adult).  You are responsible for any damage caused by your children and/or guests.


  • ​Well behaved pets are welcome!

            ALL PETS must be on a leash at all times and cleaned up after when outside.  Do not leave your pet outside unattended (with or without a leash).  Pet behavior is the owner’s responsibility.  Kleberg County and Seawind RV Resort are not liable for any animal bites but will act immediately on the removal of that aggressive animals.  Please keep your distance from all pets unless given permission by the owners to approach.  Pets are not allowed in any building except the office or in extreme weather emergencies.  You are responsible for any damages or injuries caused by your pets or your guests’ pets. 


  • No Illegal Drugs or Activities

          Please do not use our resort for your illegal activities.  The possession, sale, consumption, or manufacturing of illegal drugs or merchandise or drug paraphernalia in Seawind boundaries is prohibited.  Authorities will be notified.  If we are going to be news, we would like it to be for something positive.

  • Decks, ramps, patios, and gazebos.

          This is not a permanent trailer park.  We are a county owned RV Resort.  All personal structures must be temporary and movable.  Decks/patios cannot exceed 6' x 8'.  Ramps/steps are allowed as needed.  Collapsible gazeboes are allowed if under 10' in diameter.  Please take your neighbor's privacy into consideration when setting up your gazebo.  Please understand that even though we do have very spacious sites, by setting up your personal structures, it might prevent our mowers from mowing your site.  If they cannot safely maneuver in your site, you will be responsible to maintain your site and around your personal property.​  You are responsible to remove all of your personal property from site at time of checkout or additional fees may be imposed.

Let's Work Together

Hand Pile of Happy Group

I understand there is a lot to process, although most of this is not new.  In fact, most of these policies and guidelines are nothing more than common sense and apply to most campgrounds.  We are trying to get Seawind to function as the Vacation Destination it was intended to be.  We are trying to make it fair and equal for everyone, without favoritism, discrimination, or special treatments.

If we all work together and abide by these policies and guidelines, it will make our stay at Seawind RV Resort more pleasant for everyone!  We look forward to seeing y'all soon!

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